"Shut Up Fag!" hails from the same great tradition as Thomas Paine's Common Sense — shining the light of reason on the unreasonable."
— John Nichols
Capital Times

"The media have allowed Bob Dornan's outrageous behavior to pass for legitimate political discourse for far too long — giving him a free ride to political stardom.
"Shut Up, Fag!"
puts an end to that ride.
— Russ Baker
The Village Voice

"For sheer nastiness there hasn't been anything on Bob Dornan's scale since Caligula held office in Rome. "Shut Up, Fag!" will provide hours of spine-tingling reading for the whole family. 
— Barbara Ehrenreich


"Provides the best of Dornan's worst."
— In These Times

Photos from the book — (top) Dornan with Pat and Debbie Boone.
"B-1" Bob with his namesake. (bottom) a promotional shot of Dornan during his stint on Tempo, an afternoon talk show on KHJ-TV.

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120 pages/ paperback illustrated

Signed by
Nathan Callahan



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