Suburban Manners by Nathan Callahan

215 Pages / paperback
"In Nathan Callahan, Orange County, California has at long last produced its own Mark Twain. Witty, pugnacious and perceptive, Suburban Manners exposes, dissects, and demystifies the ordinariness of power — political, social, and economic — in one of America's most consequential, yet little-understood regions."
— Mark P. Petracca, Ph.D., Chair, Dept. of Political Science, University of California, Irvine

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Michael Woodock Paintings 2008 to 2010

48 Pages /
“Michael Woodcock makes paintings that do curious things with time and space while never letting you forget the here-and-now. That’s no mean feat, and the L.A. artist makes it look easy, or at least as if it’s no big deal. Neither precious nor unduly impressed with themselves, his square wood panels present brief, fleeting moments loaded with enough potential to be anything but incidental. Each of his humble, understated paintings is a down-to-earth instance in which the simplest of things seem to burst with significance—to be just the right mix of everyday obviousness and transcendent mystery that the unlikely combination triggers insights into our mundane, otherwise unremarkable surroundings by heightening our emotional connection to the world around us, which we sometimes share with others and at other times inhabit as if all alone.”
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Interviews by Nathan Callahan — Illustrated by Bob Aul
150 Pages / paperback
Interviews and commentaries with Thomas Frank, Paul Krassner, Chalmers Johnson, Errol Morris, Sibel Edmonds, Ian Williams, James Moore, Ray McGovern, Mark Benjamin, Karen Kwiatkowski, Scott Ritter, Mahmood Mamdani, Carol Burke, P.W. Singer, Tina Tessina and Robert Greenwald.Illustrated by Bob Aul.

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"Shut Up, Fag!" by Nathan Callahan and William Payton
120 Pages / paperback

"For sheer nastiness there hasn't been anything on Bob Dornan's scale since Caligula held office in Rome. "Shut Up, Fag!" will provide hours of spine-tingling reading for the whole family. 
— Barbara Ehrenreich

"Provides the best of Dornan's worst."
— In These Times

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