A collection of Nathan Callahan's interviews and commentaries with illustrations by Bob Aul including…

Errol Morris’s Oscar
Thanking Robert S. McNamara and other
Academy Award Scenarios

What Can We Do About Kansas?
Thomas Frank's Unanswered Heartland Question

Playing War with Boy George Bush
The Nation's Ian Williams on the Deserter in Chief and McCain's Reaction to the Anti-Kerry Swiftboat TV Spot

Election on Line. Truth on Hold.

Former FBI Wiretap Translator Sibel Edmonds on the Election Year Turnaround at Senator Grassley’s Office and Her Public Petition for the Release of 911 Information

Drafting Women

The Cult of Masculinity's Day in Court:
An Interview with Carol Burke, author of
Camp All-American, Hanoi Jane, and the High and Tight

War and Peacenik

Memorial Day Thoughts with George McGovern

Where's the Evil?

Mahmood Mamdani’s History of Terror and the One Word Missing from Bush's Speech

The Transfixing Power of Image

Karen Kwiatkowski, Abu Ghraib and
the $700 Million Misdirection

Put Down Your Guns and Pick Up A Book

A Talk with Paul Krassner on the Draft, Magic Mushrooms, Russ Kick, and Levitating the Pentagon

Bush’s Less Than Average Brain

Author James Moore on the Puppet Presidency Versus the 911 Commission

The Human Cost of War

Award-Winning Reporter Mark Benjamin on Casualties, Psychosis, and How the Pentagon May Have Screwed Up

Democracy at the Point of a Gun?

Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern on Osama’s Delight
and the Effects of Vietnam Morass Syndrome

My United States of Whatever

Politics in the New Age of Hired Guns.
An Interview with P.W. Singer, author of Corporate Warriors Effects of Vietnam Morass Syndrome

Empire Falls

Chalmers Johnson on Why Things That
Can’t Go on Forever, Don’t

My Briefing with Ray McGovern

George Tenet, Iraq, Neo-Conservatives, Vietnam and 911 through the eyes of a 27-year CIA analyst

Psychoanalyzing John Ashcroft

Dissecting the current U.S. Attorney General with Tina Tessina, Ph.D., psychotherapist and author of "It Ends With You: Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction"


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