November 5 - December 24, 2017

Conflicting Consensus
Is Everyone OK With This?
Think of consensus as a glass of warm comforting milk — homogenized milk.  Instead of voting on something — with the result that the majority gets its way — consensus building has the goal of a solution that everyone is “OK” with.  As of yet, there is no consensus on what “OK” means… more


First Broadcast December 24, 2010


People Are Strange
Jim Morrison and the Queer State of Florida
It was while performing drunk and irreverently at a Door’s concert at the Dinner Key Auditorium in the Coconut Grove section of Miami on March 1, 1969 that Morrison achieved complete freedom while his penis made headlines… more


First Broadcast December 17, 2010

Time Does Not Fly
The Ultimate Minute Extension Program
Today, I’m going to show you how to live longer. Now, I don’t intend to add years onto your life or to make you immortal. We’ll save that for another session. But with Southern California’s latest addition to the self-improvement cavalcade, the Ultimate Minute Extension Program, I guarantee that every minute you live will be prolonged beyond your wildest expectations …more


First Broadcast December 10, 2010

Our Lives on Holidays
On Temporal Naming Rights
I was driving down Harbor Boulevard last weekend when I saw it arriving. You know what I’m talking about. It started with a 10 foot banner that said “Noel.” Next I saw twinkly lights on the hedges and palms around South Coast Plaza. On Sunflower, cranes were positioning reindeer light sculptures. A block away a chain link fence in a Home Depot parking lot marked the boundaries of a future Douglas Fir holding yard. Jesus Christ on a bike, I’m sick of it already and it’s not even December. Here we go — the slide into obsessive oblivion — our head into the holidays.… more


First Broadcast November 26, 2010

Compliments Gone Wild
How Not to Use Praise
You’ve been a very attentive audience. Thank you. I like praise, too. In fact, I’d like some praise for here, and some to go. But please be certain it’s praise you’re giving me, not butter-up, brown nose, peer-hopping, lip-service… more


First Broadcast November 19, 2010

The Movie Sets of Frank Lloyd Wright
American Idol Architect
Most intellectuals in the chattering class (as if there’s any other kind) revile Hollywood’s incessant worship of the mundane. But the American tradition of unjust boundless praise isn’t limited to entertainment nitwits. In that regard the learned class can be just as vacant … more


First Broadcast November 12, 2010

Earthquake Weather
On NetQuakes and Subterranean Winds
In the never-ending attempt to lay maps on the territory, scientists from the U.S. Geologic Survey are currently looking for volunteers in Orange County interested in installing home-based earthquake sensors. … more


First Broadcast November 5, 2010

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